and now for the songs — October 8, 2021

188) Them — “I Can Only Give You Everything”

Them, actually Him – Van Morrison ‘66. Nuggets II says that the single possesses a “magnificent, soul-stirring vocal, spawning a thousand garage-band imitators.”

“I can’t give you more than what I’ve got. I can’t expect to give what I have not. I-I-I can only give ya lovin’ ’till the sun goes down. And, until the leaves of summer turn to shades of brown. I try and I try. But baby, you know that can only give you everything.”

189) The Brigands — “Would I Still Be (Her Big Man)”

Richie Unterberger in All Music Guide calls this April ‘65 B-side:

[An] outstanding and unusual 1966 garage band single. In addition to a good fuzz riff, the usual staple of many a 45 in the genre, there were also fairly involved lyrics espousing a working-class perspective . . . .

“Baby likes to eat in fancy restaurants. Well she’s always had the things she wants. I’m afraid she’ll say goodbye when she finds out I’m just a poor guy.”

Contrary to rumor, Bruce Springsteen was never in this band!

190) The Elastik Band — “In a Family Tree”

The SanFran area band’s ‘68 B-side is quite a change from their (in)famous A-side “Spazz.” Here, the band shows off its sensitive side.

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