and now for the songs . . . July 31, 2021

13) Pink Floyd, “Paintbox” This was the glorious B-side of the November ’67 “Apples and Oranges” single, written not by Syd Barrett but by Richard Wright. “Last night I had too much to drink, sitting in a club with so many fools.” Been there, done that. 14) The Carrie Nations (Lynn Carey), “In the LongContinue reading “and now for the songs . . . July 31, 2021”

and now for the songs . . . July 30, 2021

10) Merrell Fankhauser and H.M.S. Bounty “Girl (I’m Waiting for You)” Of the West Coast pop-psych album from which I drew this song, Fankhauser himself says that it is “one of the rare lost psychedelic gems of the late 60’s.” Presumptuous, but I agree! 11) Dana Gillespie, “You Just Gotta Know My Mind” Dana Gillespie,Continue reading “and now for the songs . . . July 30, 2021”

and now the songs . . . July 29, 2021

7) Richard Barnes, “Take to the Mountains” It did hit #35 in the UK in May ’70. “Wouldn’t you like to know I love you, jump on a plane and take a ride, come on before I forget you.”  8) Jackson Frank, “Blues Run the Game” Bruce Eder in All Music Guide calls Frank’s 1965Continue reading “and now the songs . . . July 29, 2021”

and now for the songs . . . July 28, 2021

4) Focal Point, “Miss Sinclair” Brian Epstein picked their name . . . John Lennon loved them . . . but they only released one single (and this song wasn’t on it). Apple lost interest . . . what a shame. 5) Factory, “Path Through the Forest” The Nuggets liner notes proclaim this October ’68Continue reading “and now for the songs . . . July 28, 2021”

And now for the songs . . .

1) Jan Panter, “Stella in Lights” Bruce Eder in All Music Guide says that Jan “was part of the ubiquitous legions of girl singers who poured into London, and whose recorded work streamed out of the British record industry across the early to mid-’60s.” This was the B-side of an April 1969 single. “Small timeContinue reading “And now for the songs . . .”