Focal Point — “Miss Sinclair”, Factory — “Path Through the Forest”, The Honeybus — “I Can’t Let Maggie Go”: Brace for the Obscure (60’s rock)! — July 28, 2021

4) Focal Point, “Miss Sinclair”

Brian Epstein picked their name . . . John Lennon loved them . . . but they only released one single (and this song wasn’t on it). Apple lost interest . . . what a shame.

5) Factory, “Path Through the Forest”

The Nuggets liner notes proclaim this October ’68 single to be “as memorable as it is obscure” and creating a “magical, otherworldly mood.” Yup, yup.

6) The Honeybus, “I Can’t Let Maggie Go”

“Maggie,” written by Pete Dello, made it to #8 in the UK charts in March of ’68. But Pete didn’t want to be a rock star and quit the band! Honeybus nevertheless created more wonderful music, but without the success.

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