and now for the songs . . . July 28, 2021

4) Focal Point, “Miss Sinclair”

Brian Epstein picked their name . . . John Lennon loved them . . . but they only released one single (and this song wasn’t on it). Apple lost interest . . . what a shame.

5) Factory, “Path Through the Forest”

The Nuggets liner notes proclaim this October ’68 single to be “as memorable as it is obscure” and creating a “magical, otherworldly mood.” Yup, yup. “You’ve just got to swing past the forest, where colours can blind you, and everything finds you, it can drive you insane.”

6) The Honeybus, “I Can’t Let Maggie Go”

“Maggie,” written by Pete Dello, made it to #8 in the UK charts in March of ’68. But Pete didn’t want to be a rock star and quit the band! Honeybus nevertheless created more wonderful music, but without the success.

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