Pink Floyd — “Paintbox”, The Carrie Nations (Lynn Carey) — “In the Long Run”, Chris Britton — “Fly with Me”: Brace for the Obscure (60’s rock)! — July 31, 2021

13) Pink Floyd, “Paintbox”

This was the glorious B-side of the November ’67 “Apples and Oranges” single, written not by Syd Barrett but by Richard Wright.

14) The Carrie Nations (Lynn Carey), “In the Long Run”

Surprisingly great song from Roger Ebert and Russ Meyer’s camp classic Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, “performed” on film by the Carrie Nations, actually sung by Lynn Carey.

15) Chris Britton, “Fly with Me”

From the self-proclaimed ’70 “ego trip” solo album by the Troggs’s guitarist.

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