Johnnie Taylor — “Watermelon Man”, The Paupers — “Think I Care”, The Eyes — “When the Night Falls”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — October 9, 2021

191) Johnnie Taylor — “Watermelon Man”

The Philosopher of Soul pours some soul into Herbie Hancock’s composition on this track from his ’67 album. Alex Henderson says that “[a]dding lyrics [to] Herbie Hancock’s ‘Watermelon Man,’ Taylor removes the song’s jazz elements and turns it into pure Southern R&B.” (

192) The Paupers — “Think I Care”

’67 single by the Canadian band, once hyped by Albert Grossman as the next Beatles, was at least a decade ahead of its time. It would have been a big hit for the ’77-79 Talking Heads.

Single version:

Album version:

193) The Eyes — “When the Night Falls” 

’65 single, the first by the West London band. Richie Unterberger says that the Eyes’s “clutch of singles . . . stand up to the Who’s work from the same era in their blend of extremely innovative guitar feedback/ distortion and anthemic mod songwriting.” (

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