and now for the songs — October 7, 2021

185) Gabor Szabo and the California Dreamers — “A Day in the Life”

Yes, that “A Day in the Life”! Douglas Payne says in All Music Guide that:

[The album by the Hungarian guitarist] celebrates much of what was important to [him] — the new world of rock music, the lure of California and the hope and inspiration of the “Summer of Love.” But, at best, it’s an ill-conceived jazz-rock concoction. . . . terrible vocalists, corny arrangements and occasional hints of Szabo’s unique playing.

Well, I love it!

186) The Caravelles — “New York”

B-side of “Hey Mama You’ve Been on My Mind” (#139). The London girls’ ‘67 song is a paean to NYC. Not to be in an Empire State of mind, but Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!

Alicia Keys: “Now you’re in New York these streets will make you feel brand new big lights will inspire you.”

The Caravelles: “Not since he went to New York, the noisy streets are, the music is . . . . your head is lighter there, the lights are brighter here in New York.”

187) The Sons of Adam — “Take My Hand”

First (‘65) of 3 singles by the Sunset Strip legends – including future Blue Cheerer Randy Holden.

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