and now for the songs — October 6, 2021

182) Smokey Robinson and the Miracles — “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy”

Off his ‘70 album of “wedding” songs. As Andrew Robinson says in All Music Guide:

A stunning concept album . . . that should have fared better. . . . Every selection is a wedding song, and Smokey caresses the lyrics like they were newborns. The heavenly harmonies of the Miracles . . . touch the soul. When they sing Brenda Holloway’s “You Made Me So Very Happy,” you don’t just hear the words; for five minutes and four seconds you experience what lovers feel.

183) The Alan Price Set — “The House that Jack Built”

This music hall-inspired song by the Animals’s original organist reached #4 in the UK in August of ‘67.

“Uncle Joe cracks walnuts in between his toes for fun and looks through coloured glass at the dark spots on the sun. . . . Cousin Festus writes a letter each and every single day. He believes that writing letters keeps the Asian flu away. I got a reservation, now it’s given it for free cause I killed all the flies in the State of Tennessee. Oh, my, my . . . it makes you wanna cry. This is the house that Jack built, baby and it reaches up into the sky.”

184) Shadows of Knight — “Bad Little Woman”

Off the second album in ‘66 by the Chicago garage rockers. It reached #91 in September. Bruce Eder in All Music Guide calls it a “raunchy anthem[] to teenage lust.” Yup.

“You’re a bad little woman. You’re a bad little woman. You’re ’bout to ruin me baby, with your bad, bad ways.”

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