and now for the songs — September 29, 2021

163) Golden Earring — “Daddy Buy Me a Girl”

‘66 single, appropriate for a band named Golden Earring. A real Dutch treat!

“When only a little baby I already was rich. Wealthy mother and father gave me all I could wish . . . . Daddy buy me a girl. Please buy me a girl. You can spend all of your money to make sure when she calls me honey rich or poor always stay crazy about me.”

164) Jackie Lomax — “Sour Milk Sea”

George Harrison wrote “Sour Milk Sea” as an advert for transcendental meditation (which the Beatles picked up in Rishikesh). Such a great song, and it didn’t make it onto the White Album . . . likely because of Lennon and McCartney’s White (Album) Privilege!

The song was a first in so many ways. . . . It was Jackie Lomax’s debut Apple single . . . It was one of Apple’s first shot of four singles, including “Hey Jude” and “Those Were the Days.” . . . It was the first song George Harrison gave away. . . . It was the first song not by a Beatle that three Beatles (Harrison, McCartney, and Starr) played on.

And yet, the song didn’t chart in the UK and only reached #117 in the U.S. in September ’68. Could be because it was overshadowed by “Jude” and “Days,” and because the song was a bit hectoring:

“If your life’s not right, doesn’t satisfy you, you don’t get the breaks like some of us do better work it out, find where you’ve gone wrong. Better do it soon as you don’t have long. Get out of Sour Milk Sea. You don’t belong there. Get back to where you should be.”

Hmmm . . . Almost seems like it belongs in Dr. Seuss’s “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

George Harrison’s demo:

The Beatles’s take on the song:

165) The Creation –”How Does It Feel to Feel”

Nuggets II calls the ’68 single, supposedly written in five minutes, an “amazing sensory assault [with] monstrous, shuddering guitar chords[, a] heavy bass crunch, and some mind-bending vocal harmonies.”

“How does it feel when the dark comes down? . . . How does it feel when a shadow moves you? How does it feel rustled by your bed? How does it feel when it finally holds you? How does it feel when you’re thinking you’re dead?”

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