Gloria Jones — “Heartbeat”, Gordon Lightfoot — “The Way I Feel”, Bill Jerpe — “Help Me Home”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — September 30, 2021

166) Gloria Jones — “Heartbeat”

The original “Tainted Love” singer and Marc Bolan girlfriend belts out this Ed Cobb (producer of the Standells and the Chocolate Watchband) song.

Here she is on Where the Action Is from October ’66:

Here’s the single:

167) Gordon Lightfoot — “The Way I Feel”

From Lightfoot’s first album (an electric version on his 2nd album reached #36 in his native Canada). A man abandoned.

168) Bill Jerpe — “Help Me Home”

Hypnotic folk-rock recorded by the Hudson Valley, NY, singer (and former “next Bob Dylan”) in a hotel room and self-released in ‘70.

As Charlie Farmer says:

“The legends surrounding a cult classic often outstrip the music’s realities. Perhaps an album remains a ‘Best Record You’ve Never Heard’ mainstay simply because it’s rare, a collector’s way of flexing muscle. A less cynical take understands that the truth can’t compete with decades of word-of-mouth hyperbole or the expectations we’ve created as we cultivate our want lists. . . . Fortunately, there are holy grails like Bill Jerpe’s long-obscure self-titled release . . . that justify the mythology.

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