and now for the songs — September 28, 2021

160) The Chocolate Watchband — “Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love In)”

‘67 single by the garage rock legends – they put it together in one day for the teen-ploitation classic The Love-Ins. IMDb describes the movie: “A college professor resigns in protest to the dismissal of student underground newspaper workers and later joins their ‘hippie movement’ and becomes their ‘Messiah.’”

“Find a way into society. There might be a way – mediocrity. I’ll travel that road. Some others have tried. You might laugh at me. You’ve got so much pride. But you and your friends, you might cry
when you see that I have passed you by. Are you gonna be there. When I make my mark? Are you gonna be there. When I set the spark? At the love-in.”

As the trailer, featuring the song, asks: “Have you ever wondered what’s it like to take a trip on an LSD sugar cube?”

161) Boudewijn de Groot — “Cinderella”

From the Dutch superstar’s ‘68 album Picknick, a sort-of retelling of the Cinderella tale.

162) The Standells — “Riot on the Sunset Strip”

‘67 single was the theme song of another classic teen-ploitation film – Riot on Sunset Strip. IMDb describes: “LA police captain attempts to appease Sunset Strip businessmen objecting to hippy youths hanging out, by setting a curfew. The cop also thinks the kids have a right to be there, until his estranged daughter joins the counter-culture crowd.”

“I’m going down to the strip tonight. I’m not on a stay home trip tonight. Long hair seems to be the main attraction. But the heat is causin’ all the action.”

The trailer proclaims: “Come on, get with it. Let’s go to a freak-out. . . . The most shocking film of our generation.”

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