and now for the songs — September 27, 2021

157) Michel Polnareff — “Le Bal des Laze”

Dark masterpiece by Michel with lyrics were by Pierre Delanoë — a commoner has an affair with an aristocrat and is to be hanged for murdering her fiancé.

“The largest ball in London. I was watching as they danced, Jane and her fiancé. I will be hanged tomorrow at dawn. That’s a pity for [her] as I think she liked the love that we were making . . . . I was seething with hate. . . . [I]t will take up barely four lines in the newspapers. I am just a common assassin . . . . ” And a postscript: “[I] will . . . pity myself since she will be given another fiancé and I won’t be able to eliminate that one.”

158) The Brogues — “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker”

Nuggets calls this November ‘65 B-side from the San Joaquin Valley band a “near perfect 60s punk record.” The band’s singer and drummer would later form Quicksilver Messenger Service.

“I ain’t no miracle worker, I do the best that I can. I ain’t no miracle worker. Oh Lord, I ain’t no miracle man.”

159) Robbi Curtice — “When Diana Paints the Picture”

‘68 B-side by Rob Ashmore. As he explains in a YouTube note:

“Despite much initial hype and optimism, the original production was flawed and so not accepted for release by the UK record companies. So the single was released in USA only, with ‘Soul of a Man’, originally intended as the B side, promoted to the A side. It sold well on the West coast of USA.”

“When Diana paints a picture it’s a work of art, ’cause it isn’t what she sees but what’s inside her heart.”

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