and now for the songs — September 26, 2021

154) Kaleidoscope — “The Sky Children”

From the British psychsters’s ‘67 album, “a fairytale dream” full of “whimsical lyrics” (per Vernon Joynson). It’s a close call, you be the judge:

“They came to the village where the turtles in caves made pies for the people and the lemonade. A boat in the distance was suddenly there waiting to take the children to anywhere . . . . His crew were six rabbits with fluffy white ears and the children all stroked them and lost all their fears. They sailed through the sunshine, across the green lake and they drank lemonade and they ate ice-cream cake.”

155) Duncan Browne — “On the Bombsite”

’68 single (with lyrics by David Bretton) from an album that the CD reissue calls “an achingly beautiful compendium of ornate chamber pop wispiness . . . lyrical pretensions and Browne’s plangent, folk-derived melodies.” Yup.

Andrew Loog Oldham said that Browne was “one of the artists I was proudest to stand in a room with and watch evolve.” Oh, and to try to squeeze for £2,000 in “recording expenses” when in desperate need of cash. Yes, yet another victim of Immediate Records’s financial implosion.

156) The Merry-Go-Round — “Live”

The MGR’s March ‘67 single reached #63 and was a really big hit in LA. Led by Emitt Rhodes, with his “precocious songcraft and McCartney-esque vocals” (Mark Deming in All Music Guide), the MGR were “teen pop/rock prodigies who combined British invasion pop melodies with Baroque pop studio polish” (Richie Unterberger in AMG).

“Now – do what you want – go where you want. It’s all up to you. For in life the rule is just to do what you want to do. If you gotta go you better live your life before you pass away. Don’t waste a day.”

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