Kaleidoscope — “The Sky Children”, Duncan Browne — “On the Bombsite”, The Merry-Go-Round — “Live”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — September 26, 2021

154) Kaleidoscope — “The Sky Children”

From the British psychsters’s ‘67 album, “a fairytale dream” full of “whimsical lyrics” (per Vernon Joynson, The Tapestry of Delights Revisited). It’s a close call, you be the judge:

155) Duncan Browne — “On the Bombsite”

’68 single (with lyrics by David Bretton) from an album that the CD reissue calls “an achingly beautiful compendium of ornate chamber pop wispiness . . . lyrical pretensions and Browne’s plangent, folk-derived melodies.” Yup.

Andrew Loog Oldham said that Browne was “one of the artists I was proudest to stand in a room with and watch evolve.” Oh, and to try to squeeze for £2,000 in “recording expenses” when in desperate need of cash. Yes, yet another victim of Immediate Records’s financial implosion.

156) The Merry-Go-Round — “Live”

The MGR’s March ‘67 single reached #63 and was a really big hit in LA. Led by Emitt Rhodes, with his “precocious songcraft and McCartney-esque vocals” (Mark Deming in All Music Guide), the MGR were “teen pop/rock prodigies who combined British invasion pop melodies with Baroque pop studio polish” (Richie Unterberger in AMG).

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