Edwards Hand — “Banjo Pier”, The Furniture — “I Love It Baby”, The Pretty Things — “Midnight to Six Man”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — September 25, 2021

151) Edwards Hand — “Banjo Pier”

No apparent connection to Edward Scissorhands — the band emerged from Piccadilly Line. This song, from their first album (’69), was produced by George Martin. Richie Unterberger says that the album had “an ambience that captures something of the most innocuous side of the Swinging London/flower power era.” (https://www.allmusic.com/album/edwards-hand-mw0000836925) The song is eerily similar to the New York Rock and Roll Ensemble’s “Mr. Tree” from the prior year (#40).

152) The Furniture — “I Love It Baby”

’67 B-side from this Galesburg, Illinois, band. David Moody, who wrote this stunning garage rocker, states on YouTube that:

I was approached on a Wednesday night by the agent of the Vagrants (The Furniture) who told me he needed two brand new songs sounding similar to the Kinks for a recording session THAT Saturday! . . . I wrote “I Love It Baby” that night . . . . [It] was receiving great airplay by DJ’s who liked it even though it was the “B” side. . . . Then for unknown reasons, [it was] pulled . . . out of publication and off the air . . . .


153) The Pretty Things — “Midnight to Six Man”

Vernon Joynson points out that the Pretties “[w]ere considered even dirtier, scruffier and more outrageous than the Stones.” (The Tapestry of Delights Revisited) This song is pretty dirty, scruffy and outrageous. It hit #46 in the UK in January ’66, but only stayed on the chart from midnight to six.

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