The Open Mind — “Magic Potion”, Louise Forestier — “La Boulee”, Richard Twice — “If I Knew You Were the One”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — September 24, 2021

148) The Open Mind — “Magic Potion”

MOJO says that this ‘69 song is one “whose frantic riff, demented drumming and furious guitar solos make many consider it to be the finest heavy psychedelic rock 45 ever produced in Britain.” Alas, the song was banned because of its too-obvious to deny celebration of LSD and quickly disappeared.

149) Louise Forestier — “La Boulee”

This Québécoise was named named Discovery of the Year on the Radio-Canada TV program Jeunesse oblige and then recorded the landmark song “Lindberg'” with Robert Charlebois (see #44 for another duet with Charlebois).

This ‘67 single is quite an infectious chanson. If someone who speaks French could tell me what the song is about, I’d appreciate it.

150) Richard Twice — “If I Knew You Were the One”

Richard Atkins took up music after losing a leg in a motorcycle accident, recorded a wonderful album in 1970 with fellow songwriter Richard Manning (Richard Twice, get it?) and then abandoned music for carpentry after a disastrous showcase performance for the music industry. On this song, he knows she is the one, and it hurts.

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