The Creation — “Through My Eyes”, Disraeli — “What Will the New Day Bring”, The End — “Shades of Orange”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — September 17, 2021

129) The Creation — “Through My Eyes”

’67 B-side by the Who’s doppelganger who beyond all rational explanation never made it big in the UK. As the liner notes to the Our Music Is Red – with Purple Flashes comp state, “[t]he Creation story is that apocryphal rock’n’roll tale of busts-ups, missed opportunities, dashed dreams and the bitter-sweet taste of all-too-brief success.”

Why didn’t Wes Anderson use this song? The video has some great Carnaby Street scenes.

130) Disraeli — “What Will the New Day Bring”

One of the Oregon band’s four A-sides, this wistful ’67 song is a “fab mix of folk-rock/pop-sike [that] is the perfect track to kick-start” the Fading Yellow Vol. 2 compilation (per the liner notes).

131) The End — “Shades of Orange”

March of ‘68 British psych A-side courtesy of the Rolling Stones. The song was produced by Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts playing tabla. The song has even showed up on Stones bootlegs as a Their Satanic Majesties Request outtake! Jon Mills says that the song “epitomizes British Psychedelia and is one of the genre’s most sought after items.” (

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