and now for the songs — September 16, 2021

126) Bob Dylan — “She’s Your Lover Now”

Abandoned unfinished in the studio in January of ‘66. One of Dylan’s great caustic/bitter songs, up there with “Like a Rolling Stone,” “Positively 4th Street” and “Idiot Wind.” Do not get crosswise with this guy (or pick through his garbage in Greenwich Village)!

“Pain sure brings out the best in people, doesn’t it? Why didn’t you just leave me if you didn’t want to stay? Why’d you have to treat me so bad? Did it have to be that way?”

127) The Strawberry Alarm Clock — “Pretty Song from Psych-Out”

The SAC is so much more than “Incense and Peppermints.” This song is from Psych-Out, the ‘68 Jack Nicholson hippie-ploitation film about a deaf runaway’s adventures in the Haight-Ashbury.

128) The Starlets — “You Don’t Love Me”

This B-side from ‘65 is an electrifying version of a Willie Cobb R&B number from ‘60 (itself nicked from Bo Diddley) and was one of only two singles by the LA band.

Willie Cobb’s version:

Bo Diddley, “She’s Fine, She’s Mine” (1955):

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