and now for the songs — September 15, 2021

123) Los Mac’s — “El Amor Despues De Los Veinte Años”

The best psychedelic album (‘67) to ever have come from Chile? Yes! Even the band says so! And definitely recorded in an altered state.

124) Dirty Martha — “Children’s Song”

A horn-driven band inspired by Blood, Sweat and Tears (that I presume wasn’t named after a lewd act names after Martha Stewart).

125) The Remains — “Don’t Look Back”

The final brilliant single (August of ‘66) of a band that didn’t break through despite appearing on Ed Sullivan and the Beatles’s ‘66 tour. I think it was Nuggets that pondered “[w]hy it didn’t sell is a cosmic riddle best left unpondered.”

“[Don’t look back] you gotta keep running, yeah
Running till the end of time, oh yeah.”

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