and now for the songs — September 18, 2021

132) Paul McCartney — “Junk”

Maybe I was so amazed by this song’s haunting melody and wistful lyrics that it became the theme song for my wedding. Paul composed it in India in ‘68 — finally released on his debut ‘70 solo album.

“Motor cars, handlebars, bicycles for two.
Broken-hearted jubilee. . . . ‘Buy, buy’ says the sign in the shop window. ‘Why, why?’ says the junk in the yard. Candlesticks, building bricks, something old and new. Memories for you and me.”

The ‘68 demo

133) The Foggy Notions — “Need a Little Lovin’”

’66 single was the only one by this Chicago band, but it was a doozy.

“I need a little lovin’ more than anything else.”

134) Black Merda — “Cynthy-Ruth”

Rock/funk/R&B blended to perfection on this ‘70 debut album.

Mark Deming in All Music Guide explains that the band was “linked in with the brief explosion of ‘black rock’ bands that followed Jimi Hendrix in the late ’60s and early ’70s . . . [W]hat really sets [the album] apart is the dark vibe reflected in the minor-key tenor of the melodies and the bitter realities of the lyrics. Grinding poverty, racism, political and social inequality, the ongoing nightmare of Vietnam, the growing schism between youth culture and the establishment, and the absence of any easy answers to the dilemmas of a nation spinning out of control dominate . . . .”

Discogs notes that “merda” is Portuguese for “shit.”

“I’ve been down, so many times, til momma said, boy stop your crying. She said son please, listen to me. I said no momma, I’m in misery, hear me crying.”

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