and now for the songs — September 8, 2021

104) Nick Garrie — “Bungles Tour”

The great album’s comic relief: “Bungles will be waiting at the bus. The French are crooks so put your trust in us. We’ll get you fish and chips and English beer to wet your lips. Yes never fear the Bungles man is here.”

105) The Pipe Dream — “The 5:23”

Sunshine pop about commuting on the train — “Book me a ticket on the 5:23.” Written by band member Stephen Schwartz. Stephen Schwartz who wrote Godspell, Pippin and Wicked?! Yes, according to

106) Dana Gillespie — “No, No, No”

Born to Austrian nobility, Dana sings a grand English version of Michel Polnareff’s song.

Polnareff’s version:

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