Marmalade, “I See the Rain Again”, The Landlords — “I’m Through with You”, Georgie Fame — “Somebody Stole My Thunder”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — September 6, 2021

101) Marmalade, “I See the Rain Again”

Before they rocketed to success with their cover of “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da,” the Scottish group released this anthemic single in August of ’67. It was Jimi Hendrix’s favorite song that year, and Jimi was spot-on.  The Nuggets comp says it was “as good as British psychedelic pop gets.”  The single failed to chart in the UK, but reached #23 in Holland.  Rain in London?  Say it ain’t so! 

102) The Landlords — “I’m Through with You”

The B-side of the Winchester, Massachusetts group’s March ’67 single. “Everybody knows I’m through with you.” A great song, but maybe it got the guys so depressed that they joined the French Foreign Legion — it was their only single.

103) Georgie Fame — “Somebody Stole My Thunder”

As Steve Huey says, Georgie’s “swinging, surprisingly credible blend of jazz and American R&B earned him a substantial following in his native U.K., where he scored three number one singles during the ’60s.” ( This ’70 single is sooooo good, and it reminds everyone — don’t mess around with Georgie!

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