Boudewijn de Groot (and Elly Nieman) — “Meester Prikkebeen”, Q’65 — “The Life I Live”, Paul Revere and the Raiders — “Midnite Ride”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — September 9, 2021

107) Boudewijn de Groot (and Elly Nieman) — “Meester Prikkebeen”

De Groot was born in a Japanese prison camp in Java in 1944 (where his mother died the following year). He became a hugely popular singer in the Netherlands, and “under the influence of the upcoming hippie movement as well as being more or less challenged by the release of [the Beatles’s Sgt. Pepper’s, he] decided to launch into the phenomenon of psychedelic pop music. This resulted in” 1967’s Picknick album. Meester Prikkebeen became a top ten hit in the Netherlands “and the underground magazine ‘Hitweek’ called the album the first real Dutch language pop album.” (

108) Q’65 — “The Life I Live”

Second single (’66) by standout Dutch blues rockers was a #5 hit in Holland. What about the UK? Well, and this sounds right out of a Spinal Tap prequel, Bruce Eder recounts that:

[T]he single got “Phonogram’s management interested in promoting the group in England, which led to a publicity stunt [that involved] sending the group . . . by boat and having them come ashore in a rubber lifeboat, as though they’d come across the ocean . . . . They were then supposed to play a gig, but as nobody had secured work permits, the group was only able to pose for photographs and press interviews before returning to the Netherlands.

109) Paul Revere and the Raiders — “Midnite Ride”

’61 B-side telling it like it was, rockabilly style. Um, no offense meant to my English friends.

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