Ben E. King, “Don’t Let Me Down”, The Poets, “In Your Tower”, Syd Barrett, “Gigolo Aunt” (Peel session): Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — August 30, 2021

85) Ben E. King, “Don’t Let Me Down”

From his little noticed Rough Edges album in ‘70 — but so much better than the innumerable soul versions of “Hey Jude.” John Lennon returned the favor five years later with “Stand By Me.”

86) The Poets, “In Your Tower”

The flip-side of “Wooden Spoon,” by Scotland’s premier psych-masters.

“Wench you’d better watch your master. ” If only Renaissance Festivals were around back then!

87) Syd Barrett, “Gigolo Aunt” (Peel session)

From a John Peel BBC session in February ‘70, the song is so much better than the album (Barrett) version. Shine on you crazy diamond.

WTF? The Urban Dictionary says that a gigolo aunt is a woman “who is usually very cute and pretty that seduces men makes them madly fall in love with her . . . but . . . she’s not interested in money but only the pleasure of capturing and breaking their heart.” ( Oh!

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