and now for the songs — August 31, 2021

88) Paul & Barry Ryan, “Madrigal”

Not former House Speaker Paul Ryan, but the twin brother of Brit heartthrob Barry Ryan (and son of singer Marion Ryan). Or, was he? Anyway, a wonderful, wistful song.

89) Kim Fowley, “The Trip”

The deliriously deranged Fowley left an indelible mark on L.A. rock history, created the Runaways, and literally dropped acid on this single from ‘65.

“It’s time to take a trip . . . into a world . . . of frogs, and green fountains, and flying dogs, and silver cats, and emerald rats, and purple clouds, and faceless crowds, and walls of glass that never pass, and pictures hanging upside down.”

90) George Martin, “Here, There and Everywhere”

The Beatles’ recording was ruined (in my estimation) by George (Harrison)’s awful/annoying guitar part. Sabotage? George M. to the rescue with a lovely orchestral version from his ‘66 album saluting the “Beatles girls.” Bruce Eder in All Music Guide says that “[t]he Beatles’ music was so successful that, for the first time, Martin began going into the studio himself to record instrumental versions of their songs — although those records were never hugely popular, they sold reasonably well.”

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