The Pretty Things, “Walking Through My Dreams”, The Jackpots, “King of the World”, The Mojo Men, “Sit Down I Think I Love You”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock) — August 29, 2021

82) The Pretty Things, “Walking Through My Dreams”

This April ’68 B-side by the incomparable Pretty Things represents British psychedelia at its best. The Rubble comp boldly but accurately stated that “[t]he prime of British flower-power records came out of groups who’d previously grunted their way through rabbblehouse R&B. . . . [T]he cream of the genre came from the Pretty Things.”

83) The Jackpots, “King of the World”

No, not Leonardo DiCaprio, but Swedish psych band. More specifically, this gorgeous ’68 single is by the Jackpots. Let me quote the liner notes from the Jackpots compilation Jack in the Box, which are in Swedish even though the Jackpots’ songs are in English: “Men om Jackpots hade det motigt i Sverige sa gick det battre utomlands.” Just to clarify, I have no idea what that means. And I apologize to the Swedish people for not putting in the appropriate accents.

Sort of an “Imagine”-like song: “If I were king of the world, I’d change everything, everywhere.”  

84) The Mojo Men, “Sit Down I Think I Love You”

I remember from school that the Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire. With that in mind, I’m going to admit upfront that by the time the Mojo Men released this single, they were led by Jan Errico (she/her). And I’m going to admit that the song did crack the top 40 (#36) in February of ’67. And I’m also going to admit that the song was a Buffalo Springfield cover. But it always brings a smile to my face, thanks to Errico (who doesn’t change the song’s genders) and the orchestral arrangement by Van Dyke Parks. So sue me.

Here is Buffalo Springfield’s version:

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