Manfred Mann, “Snakeskin Garter”, Elvis Presley, “Change of Habit”, The Hassles, “Every Step I Take”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — August 28, 2021

79) Manfred Mann, “Snakeskin Garter”

From “Vicar Sweet” to “Snakeskin” slinky, quite an evolution! Manfred Mann Chapter Three, the Mann’s experimental jazz-rock incarnation, didn’t last long (two albums), but it was extraordinary and unlike anything they had done before. “Snakeskin Garter” comes from the first album (in ’69), which wasn’t released in U.S. — the band had split by the time it came out.

80) Elvis Presley, “Change of Habit”

Yes, you heard right.  This is the title song of his last movie (in ’69). As Rotten Tomatoes describes the plot, Elvis plays a doctor who “takes the job of running a health center in a low-income district. He enlists three women to help out who — unbeknownst to him — are actually nuns in street clothes. . . . Unaware of her unavailability, John falls for Sister Michelle (Mary Tyler Moore), serenading her with his guitar . . . .” (

81) The Hassles, “Every Step I Take”

With Billy Joel.  Yes, that’s right, a teenage Billy Joel. From the first (’68) of two album by the popular in Lon Giland band. Joel is supposedly embarrassed by the effort, but I love this song.

“Every step I take, every move I make, I’m trying to scare my life without you.” I think he stole that line from the Police. Oh, wait a second . . . .

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