and now for the songs — August 18, 2021

52) The Honeybus, “Story”

’70 single and title song of the album released after Honeybus had already split up. Haunting song.

53) Merry Clayton, “Gimme Shelter”

Formerly a member of Ray Charles’s Raelettes, Merry’s voice backed the Stones on the iconic “Gimme Shelter.” She then released her own version. I’m not going to say hers is the better version, but I’m not going to say it ain’t . . . . It hit #73 in July of 1970.

54) The Peppermint Trolley, “Baby You Come Rolling ‘Cross My Mind”

The Trolley (from Redlands, CA) sang the theme songs for Love American Style and the first season of The Brady Bunch. Even more impressive was this wonderful song, written by Jesse Lee Kincaid and reaching #59 in June ’68. “And when the feeling comes, it’s like a thousand drums, pounding in my heart, since we’ve been apart, baby you come rollin’ across my mind.”

The original:

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