Wimple Winch — “Save My Soul”, The Merry-Go-Round — “Listen, Listen!”, Simon Dupree and the Big Sound — “Daytime, Nighttime”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — August 16, 2021

49) Wimple Winch, “Save My Soul”

Stone cold classic. Nuggets says this June ’66 single “is a record of such stunning power and velocity it’s practically impossible to resist” and Vernon Joynson calls it “a wild rave-up” that is “one of the most exciting singles ever recorded in the UK.” (The Tapestry of Delights Revisited) Of course, it sold very poorly, per Joynson because 1966 ears were not remotely ready for it.

50) The Merry-Go-Round, “Listen, Listen!”

’68 single by the great Emitt Rhodes’s LA band.


51) Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, “Daytime, Nighttime”

OK, I admit there was no Simon Dupree — a promoter convinced the Portsmouth soul band that they would get gigs if they adopted the last name of local dignitaries. And I admit this song was popular, at least on the pirate radio stations Radio London and Radio Caroline. And I admit that it was actually a super-charged cover version of Manfred Mann’s “Each and Every Day.” So, sue me.

Manfred Mann’s version:

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