Norman Greenbaum — “Good Lookin’ Woman”, The Poets — “Wooden Spoon”, Lee Hazlewood and Nina Lizell — “Hey Cowboy”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — August 14, 2021

46) Norman Greenbaum, “Good Lookin’ Woman”

Norman Greenbaum was no one-hit wonder!  This is just one of his other cool songs. The title says it all.

47) The Poets, “Wooden Spoon”

First, let me say that I love Andrew Loog Oldham. I loved his two memoirs — Stoned and 2Stoned. I loved his DJ stint on Little Steven’s Underground Garage. I thought Mick Jagger was a total jerk to him. However, ALO is also undeniably responsible for the shattered dreams of some of the most promising British bands of the 60’s — either because he lost interest (read: what are Mick and Keith having for breakfast?) or because Immediate Records kept getting into financial trouble. Let me just mention Billy Nicholls and . . . the Poets, Scotland’s greatest band (sorry Bay City Rollers).

The fabulous “Wooden Spoon” paired with the equally monumental “In Your Tower” to constitute the Poets’s last and last gasp single (in ’67). No silver spoon in their mouths.

48) Lee Hazlewood and Nina Lizell, “Hey Cowboy”

The legendary Lee Hazlewood went to Sweden in 1970 to make a TV show, with this duet with Nina Lizell pulled from the soundtrack. Hazlewood gave them both such great lines.

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