Focal Point — “Sycamore Sid”, Robert Charlebois and Louise Forestier — “La Marche du President”, David Peel & the Lower East Side — “I Like Marijuana: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — August 13, 2021

43) Focal Point, “Sycamore Sid”

This was the B-side of Focal Point’s only single (’68). You can learn the most revealing and interesting things from a band’s liner note comments, such as: Sycamore Sid “is now considered a psychedelic classic, much to our surprise!” and that the song was an ode to John Mayall’s tree house.

The unfulfilled promise of Focal Point showed that even the enthusiastic support of one or more Beatles didn’t ensure that a group would get a decent shot at success, even in the UK (file under the Aerovons).

44) Robert Charlebois and Louise Forestier, “La Marche du President”

Francoise Couture calls “La Marche” a “mind-expanding” and “revolutionary” rock song. She writes that his “previous album was a collection of acoustic folk songs . . . . In 1967, [he] went to California [and] came back a rock & roll dynamo . . . . A Québec artist, used to the severeness of Québec culture, had seen San Francisco and simply couldn’t do things the right way anymore. ” ( Essentially, this album was Quebec’s Sgt. Pepper’s.

45) David Peel & the Lower East Side, “I Like Marijuana”

Steve Kurutz in All Music Guide writes that:

[S]treet musician and John Lennon protégé David Peel seems pretty ridiculous. . . . [His] lyrics . . . are juvenile [and] dated . . . . But . . . Peel and his merry band of misfits begin to grow on you. . . . When he sings about smoking some grass and getting harassed by lame cops . . . you tend to believe him.

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