The New York Rock and Roll Ensemble — “Mr. Tree”, Nick Garrie — “St. Tropez Whore”, Joe Tex — “Buying a Book”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — August 12, 2021

40) The New York Rock and Roll Ensemble, “Mr. Tree”

If you look up the definition of “twee,” any decent dictionary will cite this song. Twee in a good way — delicate and heart-breaking. Three students at Juilliard formed the band, including Marty Fulterman — who as Mark Snow would compose the X-Files theme!

41) Nick Garrie, “St. Tropez Whore”

This song didn’t make the cut of the justly legendary “lost” Nightmare of J.B. Stanislas album. Nick recorded it for release in 2009.

42) Joe Tex, “Buying a Book”

Dave Marsh says that Tex “made his mark by preaching over tough hard soul tracks, clowning at some points, swooping into a croon at others. He was perhaps the most rustic and back-country of the soul stars . . . .” ( In this story song, which reached #47 in May ’69 (#10 on Billboard’s R&B chart), a man of a certain age patiently answers the concerned but impertinent query of a youngster.

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