Turquoise — “Woodstock”, Pink Floyd — “Summer ‘68”, Jacqueline Taieb — “7h du Matin”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — August 11, 2021

37) Turquoise, “Woodstock”

The band came from the Kinks’s neighborhood of Muswell Hill and the Who’s Keith Moon and John Entwistle loved them, but to no avail. This single had nothing to do with the Woodstock Festival — it was issued in late ’68. But it did include a killer Dylan impersonation.

38) Pink Floyd, “Summer ‘68”

’70 album Atom Heart Mother was named after a woman with an atomic pacemaker. Paul Matt’s writes that:

Summer ’68” was written by Rick Wright, reminiscing about the band’s time on tour in America. Wrights sings of emptiness following an encounter with a fan. “In the summer of ’68, there were groupies everywhere,” Wright said in Barry Miles’ Pink Floyd: The Early Years. “They’d come and look after you like a personal maid, do your washing and sleep with you and leave you with a dose of the clap.” You get the picture. The sound has West Coast vocal elements, as well as a return of the brass section, creating a huge sound at times.


39) Jacqueline Taieb, “7h du Matin”

’67 single by wonderful French ye-ye singer. Schoolgirl wakes up on Monday morning . . .

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