Joe Bataan — “Uptown”, It’s a Beautiful Day — “White Bird”, The Mike Curb Congregation — “Sweet Gingerbread Man”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — August 20, 2021

55) Joe Bataan, “Uptown”

Richard Pierson says that “[n]o recording artist has more impeccable street credentials” than Bataan, who “grew up in Spanish Harlem, where he ran with Puerto Rican gangs and absorbed R&B, Afro-Cuban, and Afro-Rican musical influences.” (

56) It’s a Beautiful Day, “White Bird”

This San Francisco psychedelic folk-rock band was led by violinist David LaFlamme (who had earlier been a member of the Utah Symphony). “White Bird” did well on FM radio and hit #58 in the UK in May ’70.

57) The Mike Curb Congregation, “Sweet Gingerbread Man”

Jason Ankeny says that the Congregation was a “harmony pop chorale” formed in 1969 “around the time Curb became president of MGM Records” and that, apparently, his “tenure with the label included a controversial roster shake-up that favored family singing acts like the Osmonds and the Cowsills over bands like the Velvet Underground . . . and what he had termed ‘hard drug groups'”. ( Well, say what you will, but the Congregation turned this horrible Bobby Sherman song into a wonderful confection.

Bobby Sherman’s version:

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