The Peppermint Trolley — “I’ve Got to Be Going”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — January 13, 2022

318) The Peppermint Trolley — “I’ve Got to Be Going”

Who was America’s greatest TV band of the 60’s? Don’t think simian, think Peppermint. The Peppermint Trolley appeared rehearsing in an episode of the classic detective drama Mannix (see #136) and camped it up on The Beverly Hillbillies, and that’s just for starters. They also recorded the theme song to the generation-defining iconic TV series The Brady Bunch (at least for the first season). Talk about Monkee business!

In addition to the Trolley’s contributions to television, it was a wonderful pop psych/ baroque pop band (not a bubblegum or sunshine pop band, despite what its name might suggest). The first two Trolley songs I have played were written by others (see #54, 136). The beautiful and bittersweet “I’ve Got to Be Going” was written by the band’s Jimmy Faragher.

Jimmy’s bandmate and brother Danny wrote a great history of their career which I recommend reading ( Of the Trolley’s sole album, on which “I’ve Got to be Going” (also a B-side) appears, Beverly Paterson writes that:

[T]he self-titled platter was padded to the ceiling with layers of sweet soaring harmonies stacked neatly atop pastoral textures, glistening melodies and exotic interludes. The band’s attention to detail and their ability to deliver the songs in such a natural manner remains flawless. A spiffy paisley pop vibe, akin to that of the Poor, the Left Banke, and the Strawberry Alarm Clock, hugs the tunes. Every song . . . is memorable, starting with the classy folk figured “I’ve Got To Be Going,” on which Chad Stuart of Chad and Jeremy handled string arrangements. . . . Challenging and ambitious, but highly accessible, [the album] is one of the greatest overlooked efforts of the era.

Here is The Brady Bunch theme:

Here is the band on The Beverly Hillbillies:

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