The Impressions: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — December 15, 2021

285) The Impressions — “ I Ain’t Supposed To”

Another glorious, but lesser known, selection from Keep on Pushing, the Impressions’s 1st top 10 album (see #118):

[T]he album featured all the hallmarks of an Impressions set: impeccably smooth harmonies, the dynamic horn charts of Johnny Pate, and many more of [Curtis] Mayfield’s irresistible songs (each with a clever spin on the usual love lyric as well as a strong sense of melody). . . . Keep on Pushing was . . . an excellent introduction for pop audiences just waking up to the inspirational power of soul music’s finest group.

John Bush, All Music Guide

“I ain’t supposed to want to squeeze and hold you tight. I know it’s wrong, but girl it feels alright. You are promised, to another, and I am too. Then why do we keep on doin’ what we ain’t supposed to do? Your perfume ain’t supposed to smell quite so sweet. And our hands shouldn’t tremble like this every time we meet. When you’re not around I’m not supposed to feel so blue. Then why do we keep on doing what we ain’t supposed to do? We must be in love (we ain’t supposed to). Heaven up above knows (we ain’t supposed to). While we’re hoping (we ain’t supposed to). That we are eloping (we ain’t supposed to).”

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