Jeff Monn: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — December 14, 2021

284) Jeff Monn – “Reality”

Former Third Bardo lead singer Jeff Monn released an incredible album in ’68 (see #98). Orchestration courtesy of Peter Schickele — the one and only P.D.Q. Bach. The title song is Monn’s vain fantasy of a girlfriend crawling back to him. Of course it’s called “Reality”!

“Baby, don’t know what to do. The thought of going on without you. . . . Maybe someday you’ll see the kind of reality it’s gonna be. . . . In time this will be just a memory in one another’s reach groovin’ on some sunny beach. Don’t worry about a thing. Go on girl and have your fling. You’ll be back, you’ll be back, you’ll be back. Baby it’s going to be some kind of reality. You’ll break down and cry. I’ll be standing by. I won’t even have to try. I believe it’s fate. I will have to wait. I will wait. . . . Baby, it’s gonna be some kind of reality.”

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