The Omens — “Searching”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — November 26, 2021

262) The Omens — “Searching”

Sizzling ‘66 A-side of the first of two singles by the Hammond, Indiana, band, which was led by 16 year old Don Revercomb. The organist (then 15) who played on the demo but not the actual single remembers that:

One of my most memorable gigs was at the Purple Poodle Teen Club in Hobart, Indiana. We opened for the Troggs and [we had to] wear long hair Beatle wigs . . . announcing to the audience that we were from England!

Being associated with a rock and roll band with a song on the radio had profound influence on the high school girls, putting me on a par with the sport jocks!

The group broke up when one member who “worked swing shifts at the steel mill . . . had to make the choice of not calling off anymore or being fired,” another member’s “girlfriend got pregnant and he had to get a fulltime job” and Carol Buehler, Don’s wife-to-be and singer on their second single, got pregnant. See This was the real world.

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