Howard Tate — “Look at Granny Run Run”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — November 25, 2021

261) Howard Tate — “Look at Granny Run Run”

In honor of today’s Thanksgiving family get-togethers and the outpouring of love that readers of my blog sent Howard Tate’s way, here is Tate’s second minor hit — “Look at Granny Run Run.” It performed just about identically to “Ain’t Nobody Home” (#259), reaching #67 in February of ‘67 (#12 R&B). Written by two legendary songwriters — Jerry Ragovoy (also Tate’s producer) and Mort Shuman — it sounds like a Viagra infomercial, but one written decades before the little blue pill came onto the market.

Fleamarketfunk says:

With a nice piano hook, and funky bass line, this tale of a horny Grand Dad . . . paints a vivd picture of Granny running around the house from her now randy husband . . . . Jerry Ragovoy and Howard Tate really knew how to fuse together Gospel, Soul and the blues. . . . Southern church boy goes from church to secular music, then goes away, gets on drugs, gets swindled, and fades further into obscurity. However, there is a happy ending to this. Tate is back on track, recording and performing, and while still holding his underground status has remained an inspiration for many musicians today. Here is what one great musician had to say about him:

“One of the sweetest voices in soul music, combined with one of the most savvy soul producers—Howard Tate & Jerry Ragavoy—and God has seen fit to reincarnate them! Is this a beautiful country or what —Al Kooper

Tate died in 2011 at the age of 72.

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