and now for the songs — October 27, 2021

226) Graham Gouldman — “The Impossible Years” (68) (UK)

I have taken “The Impossible Years” from songwriter extraordinaire (“For Your Love,” “Evil Hearted You,” and “Heart Full of Soul” for the Yardbirds, “Bus Stop” and “Look Through Any Window” for the Hollies, and “No Milk Today” for Herman’s Hermits) Graham Gouldman’s ’68 album The Graham Gouldman Thing. Dave Thompson in All Music Guide notes that the album is “[l]argely compris[ed of] Gouldman’s own versions of the songs he had written for others, the album (which would be released in America only) was prefaced with a new single, “No Milk Today” . . . . It flopped.” “Impossible” was released as a single the prior year by Wayne Fontana.

“There comes a time when a father must say to his daughter, ‘My dear, I’ll show you the way. These are the impossible years a girl must endure, adrift on the ocean, left with her unspeakable fears, the torture of doubt and pent up emotion, new temptations, strange sensations, a great new world for explorations.’ She has the impossible years to bear. Its petals are plain with color exciting. When does the one sun choose the hour to change the green shoot to beauty inviting. . . . We’ll help the impossible years go by.” Well, talk about an awkward conversation!

Here is Fontana’s version:

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