and now for the songs — October 26, 2021

225) The Mike Stuart Span — “Time” 

Let me go out on a limb and dare say that this unreleased gem from a wonderful band from Brighton has quite profound lyrics:

“If I had the time to do all the things that I wanted to do, where would I ever start? I might go to Parliament, to the seat of government. Turn them on to better things. . . . They say that time is on our side. Another 30 men have died already. . . . If I had the time to have said all the words that were in my head, many’s the thing you would learn. You might be more satisfied if your eyes were opened wide. If we only had more time.”

The Span started out as a soul band and morphed into psychedelia. They never “made it.” Vernon Joynson explains:

[T]he BBC invited them to feature in a documentary focusing on the life of a pop group on the way up. What could have been their big break, however, turned out to be a tour de force of unintentional comedy. A Year in The Life: Big Deal Group . . . detailed their increasingly desperate efforts to make it in toe-curling detail. One of the most revealing films ever made about the realities of the music business. . . .

Part of a promo clip for “Time” from A Year in The Life:

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