FROST IN THE OASIS? SPECIAL EDITION: Thomas and Richard Frost/Dick Domane: Thomas and Richard Frost — “If I Can’t Be Your Lover”, Dick Domane — “Bad Dream”, Thomas and Richard Frost — “She’s Got Love”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — October 15, 2021

I love Oasis to death, but Noel has been known to “borrow.” See, e.g.,

I don’t buy some of the examples in this video “expose,” but you have to be an idiot to hear “How Sweet to Be an Idiot” and not say “wait a second . . . .” The late great Neil Innes wasn’t an idiot, and successfully sued for royalties and co-songwriting credit on “Whatever.”

Now, let’s look at two songs from today’s edition of “now for the songs.” First, Thomas and Richard Frost’s “If I Can’t Be Your Lover” and, second, Dick Domane’s “Bad Dream.”

209) Thomas and Richard Frost — “If I Can’t Be Your Lover”

Bryan Thomas says that by 1970:

Thomas and Richard Frost had already recorded a handful of classic pop singles for Imperial and Liberty, including “She’s Got Love,” which charted at number 83 on Billboard’s Top 100 singles chart. Each subsequent single was a step further toward what was sure to be their artistic tour de force [but] plans to release [the Visualize] album were inexplicably aborted in the 11th hour by Imperial’s decision-makers, even though the master recordings were already in the can . . . . Imperial was in disarray, and the Frosts were, unfortunately, victimized by what was going on behind the scenes.

Thomas goes on to say that Visualize “turns out to be not just a lost classic from the late ’60s, but a sublime and stunning ‘soft pop’ wonder. ” Yup. The album wasn’t rediscovered and released until 2002.

Richard Frost said that they had to put “If You Won’t Be My Lover,” written by their producer Ted Glasser and singer Vic Dana, on the album as a favor (liner notes to Visualize). Well, it may have been a bigger favor to Noel Gallagher. Knowing Noel, any similarity to “All Around the World” — especially the “la la la la la la” outro — is intentional – except Visualize wasn’t released until ‘02, five years after the release of Be Here Now. Case closed. Or is it?

Here is “All Around the World”:

210) Dick Domane — “Bad Dream”

I don’t know much about Dick, but he seems to have come from Rhode Island and been in a band called the Blue Jays. “Bad Dream” is from his eponymous ’70 album. It is a stunning song, and sort of sounds like every Oasis song ever recorded. Which Oasis song(s) does it most remind you of? I can find no evidence that Noel had ever listened to this album, but, well, you be the judge.

211) Thomas and Richard Frost — “She’s Got Love”

This super-classic song does not sound like Oasis, but it actually got released in the decade it was recorded – and reached #83 in November of ‘69.

Richard Frost said that the song was actually the demo, “sweetened” with strings and horns. He went on to say that it “was written about a model we saw in a girlie magazine” who they then happened to see hitchhiking in LA and offered a ride (Visualize liner notes).

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