Annie Philippe — “Pas de Taxi”, The Honeybus — “Black Mourning Band”, The Dave Clark 5 — “When”: Brace for the Obscurte (60s rock)! — October 14, 2021

206) Annie Philippe — “Pas de Taxi”

Bouncy ‘67 single by the protege of Paul “Love Is Blue” Mauriat.

In the song, a young lady is considering getting into a car driven by a not-handsome man because it is cold outside. Suddenly, a taxi arrives and saves her. The “morale: when you’re not very handsome, you have to have a car.” In any event, Uber should scoop up this song for a commercial.

207) The Honeybus — “Black Mourning Band”

Another lovely song by the Honeybus, from the band’s sort of post-breakup ’70 album, which was “not so much released, as escaped: Decca gave it no promotion . . . and hardly surprisingly, it didn’t do any business” (liner notes to the comp Honeybus at Their Best).

208) The Dave Clark 5 — “When”

The DC5’s ballads were criminally underrated, including this ‘65 album track, which proclaimed “all you need is love” two years before the Beatles!

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