and now for the songs — October 14, 2021

206) Annie Philippe — “Pas de Taxi”

Bouncy ‘67 single by the protege of Paul “Love Is Blue” Mauriat.

In the song, a young lady is considering getting into a car driven by a not-handsome man because it is cold outside. Suddenly, a taxi arrives and saves her. The “morale: when you’re not very handsome, you have to have a car.” In any event, Uber should scoop up this song for a commercial.

207) The Honeybus — “Black Mourning Band”

Another lovely song by the Honeybus, from the band’s sort of post-breakup ’70 album, which was “not so much released, as escaped: Decca gave it no promotion . . . and hardly surprisingly, it didn’t do any business” (liner notes to the comp Honeybus at Their Best).

“Put on your black mourning band my friend and weep for those who are lost, who are dead. There’s not a moment to lose.”

208) Dave Clark 5 — “When”

The DC5’s ballads were criminally underrated, including this ‘65 album track, which proclaimed “all you need is love” two years before the Beatles!

“When the world looks dark all around you, all you need is love. I know all your doubts and fears will disappear and turn into song.”

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