and now for the songs — September 13, 2021

117) The Blue Condition — “Once There Was a Girl”

I don’t know much about this group, but it laid down some mesmerizing garage rock on this ’67 B-side.

118) The Impressions — “I’ve Been Trying”

One of those wonderful B-sides overshadowed by the iconic status of the A side — in this case, “People Get Ready.” “Trying” did reach #133 and #35 on the R&B chart in February of ’65.

“You say you love me, so sincere that I believed you loved me. Yet I can’t understand why
can’t I be your only man. Day after day you treat me any old way. I wanna go but my heart says no. You act so strange. But my love still remains. It says keep on tryin’ boy. She’s gonna change.”

119) Pete Townshend — “Day of Silence”

Such a comforting song, on Pete’s “Happy Birthday” album in ’70 honoring his spiritual guide, Meher Baba, shortly after his death.

“When you’re feeling low, try a day of silence, take things very slow, lIsten to the wireless. Never speak a sound, sit up on the hedgerow, watch the world go round, peace will let your mind go.”

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