The Fantastic Dee-Jays — “Fight Fire”, Pandemonium — “No Presents for Me”, The Seeds — “Pushin’ Too Hard”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — September 12, 2021

114) The Fantastic Dee-Jays — “Fight Fire”

Fantastic garage rock single (’66) by the Golliwogs . . . to become Creedence Clearwater Revival . . . done even better by the Dee-Jays that year.

Here is the Golliwogs’s version:


115) Pandemonium — “No Presents for Me”

A Brit psych classic, this April ‘67 single was a favorite of John Lennon, but it was admittedly “too weird to be a hit.”

116) The Seeds — “Pushin’ Too Hard” (appearing on “The Mothers-in-Law”)

Nuggets notes that Sky Saxon “belts out the frustrated lyrics with a babbling intensity that verges on the psychotic.” OK, it reached #36 in February of ‘67, but how many of you have seen the Seeds “live” on the sitcom “The Mothers-in-Law”? As summarized by

Jerry convinces his folks to put up $500 for a hippie rock group to make a demo recording. They scare off the band with talk of crew cuts, tuxedos, and old songs. The parents wind up recording ‘Some Enchanted Evening’ w/the help of a Salvation Army band. The Seeds play The Warts, and sing their hit song, “Pushing Too Hard.”

Samuel Huntington, this was truly a clash of civilizations!

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