and now for the songs — August 25, 2021

70) Headstone Circus, “Healer”

Best song from a wonderful blues/folk/psych album recorded in ‘68-‘70 but inexplicably not released until decades later.

According to Lost.FM, the band describes its naming as follows: “On Halloween night we went to an old cemetery, dropped acid, and spent a very strange night . . . . The tombstones appeared to be melting and taking on animal shapes. . . . Afterwards, we referred to that night as the ‘Headstone Circus.’”

71) O.V. Wright, “You’re Gonna Make Me Cry”

Incendiary. The start of the legendary Memphis soul career of former gospel singer Overton Vertis Wright. Bill Dahl in All Music Guide calls it “spine-chilling .” Yup. It reached #86 in the summer of ‘65 (#6 R&B).

“I was alone, so lonely and blue. You know why? Because eight men and four women, Lord, they found me guilty of loving you.”

72) Tomorrow, “Revolution”

Before Yes, there was this September ‘67 “infectious hippy anthem” (Richie Unterberger in All Music Guide) by the London Underground stalwarts Tomorrow.

Underappreciated Rock Guitarists claims that the song “was likely the prime inspiration for the John Lennon song ‘Revolution’ which was released a year later. Tomorrow’s tongue-in-cheek lyric ‘Have your own little revolution, NOW!’ sounds like it prompted Lennon’s response ‘You say you want a Revolution.’”

“Happiness is hard to find, we just want peace to blow our minds.”

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