and now for the songs — August 24, 2021

67) The Fugs, “CIA Man”

From the classic ‘66 Virgin Fugs album by the adorable Greenwich Village degenerates. If you are expecting “Secret Agent Man,” please do not listen to this song!

“Who can kill a general in his bed, overthrow dictators if they’re Red? Fucking-A man! (Fucking-A! C-I-A!) CIA Man! . . . Who can mine the harbors Nicaragua? Out hit all the hitmen of Chicag-ua. . . . CIA Man!”

68) McGough and McGear, “So Much in Love”

Paul McCartney’s brother Mike gets his psych on, with a little help from his brother’s friends Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding, Mitch Mitchell, Spencer Davis; Graham Nash, and Jane Asher.

69) Wichita Fall, “Ornamental Sideshow”

Let’s bring in the LA Philharmonic! I find the results, at least on this song, charming, but some commentators find the band’s songs overwhelmed by the orchestrations, and the band’s drummer supposedly quit rather than participate in the creation of the ‘68 album.

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