and now for the songs . . . August 5, 2021

22) The 23rd Turnoff, “Michael Angelo”

This was the B-side of the Liverpool band’s (named after an English highway exit to Liverpool) October ’67 single. One of the most gorgeous songs I have ever heard.

“Why should it be that a man such as me, who cares not for money and fame,
shouldn’t be rich with God’s natural gifts, to have something to show at the end of life’s game?”

23) Minnie Riperton, “Les Fleurs”

The song is from her first solo album, before she became famous in the 70’s and died tragically at 31. All Music Guide’s Jason Ankeny calls the album “chamber soul” and the song as “embracing both intimacy and majesty to haunting effect.” Yup.

24) The Holy Mackerel, “Wildflowers”

The group was notable for being led by 70’s uber-presence Paul Williams, but this song was written by former Jefferson Airplane bassist Bob Harvey (who left the band before the associated album was completed).

“Hearts aglow I’ll walk, I know like rainbows bursting with colors in the air for rainbows bursted, I find the air is new. My love will guide me through the wildflowers. I walk blindly through a field of wildflowers . . . .”

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