and now for the songs . . . August 4, 2021

19) Nick Garrie, “Deeper Tones of Blue”

“I’d like to stroll along the seashore of your mind and whisper all my secrets to the breeze”

20) Tom Northcott, “Sunny Goodge Street”

Northcott’s cover of Donovan’s song reached #20 on the Canadian charts.

“On the firefly platform on Sunny Goodge Street, a violent hash-smoker shook a chocolate machine, involved in an eating scene, smashing into neon streets in their stonedness.”

Donovan’s version:

21) Gil-Scott Heron, “Whitey on the Moon”

A new black poet indeed. Is this song satire or straight on? Well, Gil-Scott was born on April Fool’s Day. “I can’t pay no doctor bill, (but Whitey’s on the moon), ten years from now I’ll be payin’ still (while Whitey’s on the moon) . . .  I think I’ll sen’ these doctor bills Airmail special (to Whitey on the moon).”

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