Edwards Hand — “Hello America”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — May 3, 2023


813) Edwards Hand* — “Hello America”

The melody and arrangement of this amazing song by the UK psychsters (see #151, 663) is a total rip-off of Neil Diamond’s “Coming to America”! Wait a second, this song came in ‘70 and “Coming” came in ‘80! I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

And I’ll note that a song with lyrics about America such as “You have so much to give” and “I’d really love to see you live” is on an album whose original cover art was pulled by the label in the U.S.:

The line drawing [cover art] of a Southern Sheriff, ties in with the lyrics of Sheriff Myras Lincoln – a song about an American racist policeman – and was subsequently banned and replaced with different artwork by RCA in the US. . . . [It is] a controversial caricature . . . by “Revolver” Beatles artist/friend Klaus Voorman. This artwork was banned by the US label and was subsequently replaced with different artwork on the original US pressing of the album.  

Marios, http://rockasteria.blogspot.com/2012/06/edwards-hand-stranded-1970-uk-wonderful.html?m=1

Marios goes on:

Having worked with George Martin on their self titled debut, Edward’s Hand began recording at Morgan Studios in 1970, attempting to create a harder and more progressive sound than before. There where no nervous second album vibes here! The album is comprised of evocative and intelligent progressive pop songs immaculately produced featuring Edward’s and Hand’s distinctive harmonies to the fore. The second half of the album is effectively a concept of alienation and isolation . . . . Clearly more confident and adventurous lyrically on this album, Edward’s Hand also had more time with George Martin during the pre-production stages. This preparation time, an intelligent lyric writing team and George’s complex yet concise orchestral arrangements give their second LP a much worldlier and unique feel. . . . It features some stunning string arrangements by George Martin from the first sessions to be mixed at his then new Air Studios.


For more on Edwards and Hand, see #663 and 806.

* Just to set the record straight, Johnny Depp was not in this band! It was not Edward Scissorhands. The band members were Rod Edwards and Roger Hand. Get it?!

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