Fenner, Leland & O’Brien — “Where’s My Life Going”: the Obscure (60s rock)! — March 2, 2023


750) Fenner, Leland & O’Brien — “Where’s My Life Going”

One of the great ’60’s counterculture protest songs — yet, virtually unknown at the time. OK, its dated, but who can resist lyrics like “in this world there are too many fools who only follow conformist rules” and “hypocritical double standards, military high commanders”? It is from the band’s ’70 second album, of which only 250 copies were stamped by a vanity press.

As to the album, Somewhere Someday Somehow, Fantasy0807 says:

[It is a f]ragile US late ’60s loner hippy psych/folk/rock album[] that ha[s] a strangely bewitching quality. . . . Featuring acoustic instruments, great fuzz guitar work, percussion, keyboards and introverted countercultural lyrics. A real period piece . . . . They came from Hamilton/New York [actually, Colgate University] and they made two superb albums of psychedelic and low key downer folk.


Patrick Lundborg says it’s:

[It is a]n obscure hippie folkrock and singer-songwriter LP . . . . with a CSN&Y influence typical of the genre . . . with above-average songwriting. . . . Admirably relaxed and unpretentious vocals may recall some of the more famous UK rural hippie-folk rarities.

The Acid Archives

And Johnkatsmc5 says:

250 original LP copies . . . were originally issued on the RPC Vanity label. Stunning LP[] filled with that broken dreamer vibe, where youthful idealism and naivete met the cold facts of Vietnam and the government’s “true intentions”. The resulting sound is somewhat akin to some of Bryan MacLean’s work with LOVE and Crosby’s Wooden Ships, yet this music is all their own. Some excellent fuzz on a couple tracks, and hailed by all who have heard it. Original copies sell for seriously lofty amounts!“


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