The Noblemen — “Short Time”: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — January 9, 2023


695) The Noblemen — “Short Time”

When one thinks of alumni of the University of Chicago, Milton Friedman, Philip Glass and Saul Bellow might come to mind. The members of a raw, fuzz-crazy garage rock band, not so much. Well, start rethinking, courtesy of Brace for the Obscure’s reeducation camp!

The Noblemen released only one single, but its A-side is one minute and 58 seconds of “pounding rhythm, pounding Fuzz and killer bass” ( — “a real LOUD Chicago screecher”. (liner notes to the Back from the Grave: Raw ‘N’ Crude Mid-60s Garage Punk, Vol. 4 comp) It had the honor of making Back from the Grave, Vol. 4, which also has this to say:

These guys were a 4-piece of freshmen students at the University of Chicago who formed in 1967, practiced at the U of C dorms, and recorded this prime cut about being stood up . . . . All 4 members had previously played in high school bands, and guitarist Jim Pearle had his first taste at wailin’ during ’65-66 in his band, the Marauders . . . . In ’68, with school work- getting a bit too extensive to keep up the practice sessions and gigs, they called it quits.

liner notes to the Back from the Grave: Raw ‘N’ Crude Mid-60s Garage Punk, Vol. 4 comp

Well, no one ever accused the U of C of being a party school!

Oh, by the way, the B-side is a totally sappy piece of sh*t:

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